Across 20 Years, Blossoming Together

Through the years, the Panagbenga festival has steadily become the best avenue where Baguio people can shine and innovate what best depicts their community – with everyone co-owning the festival. Panagbenga: A Kankana-ey (dialect widely used by Cordillerans in the Northern Philippine boondocks, specifically people from the Mountain Province and people from the Northern part of the Benguet Province) term meaning “a season for blossoming; a time for blooming.”

About Panagbenga


Panagbenga is an annual flower festival celebrated every February which takes place in Baguio City, Philippines. The term “Panagbenga” comes from a Kankanaey term meaning “season of blooming”. This festival reflects the history, traditions and values of Baguio and the Cordilleras. It lasts over a month long and flourishes through

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You don’t need to be a master to paint a picture of flowers and sentient beings. All you need are brushes and multi-colored paints and voila…

Let-a-thousand-flowers-bloom is where every member of the family can ‘get dirty’ en route their personal ‘masterpieces’.

It’s a free-for-all venue where the line dividing enthusiasts, artists, and well, those who simply want to get dirty, is

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By Bona Elisa Ressureccion

The Birth of a Tradition

It all began when lawyer, Damaso E. Bangaoet, Jr., John Hay Poro Point Development Corporation (JPDC) Managing Director for Camp John Hay, presented to the Board of Directors of JPDC the idea of their spearheading the holding of a flower festival in Baguio City. The Board, then led by the Bases Conversion Development

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Events at Panagbenga Festival

February 2015
March 2015

Opening Ceremonies & Street Dancing Parade Competition (Drum & Lyre Dance Competition-Elementary Division)

Grand Street Dancing Parade

Grand Float Parade

Panagbenga Closing Ceremonies and Grand Fireworks Display

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